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On behalf of the FISA team and the John Molson School of Business community, it is with great pride that I extend this invitation to your organization. Our value proposition is simple: gain exposure to one of the largest Finance undergraduate student demographics in Quebec, all while enabling their personal and professional development, through student-run initiatives.

As FISA’s reach continues to grow, so too does the scope and scale of the events we are able to offer. Our Toronto Firm Tours continue to showcase a selection of top-tier JMSB students to some of the most sought-after jobs in capital markets; Our themed conferences provide students with insight and the opportunity to start a discussion; Our commitment to interdisciplinary collaboration drives us to host events like our FinTech Case Competition and Future of Finance Conference; And with our open-outcry trading simulation, we continue to introduce students of all backgrounds, and universities to the world of finance.

Our corporate sponsors are ultimately the fuel we need to launch such ambitious projects. Your support allows FISA to continue developing Concordia’s students into talented, young professionals that are equipped with the technical skills and business acumen they need to successfully enter the market and excel in their careers. 

Warm Regards,
Andrea Kilibarda



The Finance and Investment Students’ Association (FISA), along with its subsidiaries the John Molson Trading League (JMTL) and the John Molson Investment Society (JMIS), seeks to shape the next generation of Finance professionals attending the John Molson School of Business.

Our aim is to help bridge the growing gap between what students are taught in a classroom and what they need to know before entering the workforce. As the largest finance association in Quebec, we act as a resource to over 2000 undergraduate students.

We have built this community on three key pillars. Community, where we engage a variety of communities to better position students for the future of finance. Collaboration, by partnering with other finance associations to facilitate idea sharing and creation. Communication, for better internal and external connections to setup a foundation for growth.

FISA is proud to represent and lead all Finance majors at the John Molson School of Business in crucial initiatives such as sustainability and diversity in the workplace. This is done through our various workshops, panels and events. We look forward to welcoming new members to our FISA family this coming year.

Yours truly,

Nicholas Whitehead

Theodora Nikoletopoulos

VP Events

“This shall be my second year on the Finance and investment  Students’ Association.  My initial reason for joining was to provide myself with more than just being in a classroom and connecting with other students in Finance.”

Chandni Chowdhury

VP Marketing

“I joined FISA because I wanted school to be more than just going to classes”

Kathy Du

VP Internal

“Being part of FISA has been such an amazing time. It truly made a difference in my university experience. I got to contribute to the student body while working with some of the best people I know.”

Hannah Graces-Sloane

VP Communications

“I decided to join FISA for my 3rd consecutive year to continue connecting with the Finance student body of JMSB. I find the role of VP Communications very rewarding as I am able to build relationships within our community.”

Michel Loutchkine

VP Academics | Director of JMTL

“FISA has allowed me to grow consistently along with my peers and keep a network of great individuals for years to come.”

Emile Kandela

Director of JMTL

“I joined FISA to help students get the most value out of their finance degree”


Alexandria Lalli

VP Events

“Hi everyone! My name is Alexandria Lalli. I joined FISA because my main goal coming into JMSB was to make my University experience as memorable as possible!”

Emma Roy

VP External

“I joined Fisa to expand my knowledge beyond academics and be apart of a highly motivated hardworking group of finance students!” 

Karl-Yuri Nkori

VP Finance

“Joining FISA is a great honour as I get to be a part of a team full of highly motivated, ambitious, and bright people, that have a proven track record of hosting successful financial events. Events that aim to provide students with real networking opportunities within the finance industry and students at the university.”

Michael Di Salvatore

VP External

“I joined FISA because I want to grow as an individual and as a team leader.” 

Emile Bourlon

Director of JMIS

“I joined JMIS to help our community bridge the gap between classroom knowledge and real work experiences“  

Meagan Vekima

VP Involvement

“I joined FISA this year because I wanted to enhance my educational experience at JMSB. I am excited to be a part of this team and can’t wait to help contribute to the journey of all finance students at JMSB.”

Gabriel Tran

VP Involvement

“I joined FISA to convey my passion for investments, give back to the finance community, and inform students about the many different opportunities within the field.”

Stefan Gorgescu

Director of JMIS

“I joined FISA to help build upon the treasure that JMIS has become in connecting students at JMSB to the world of capital markets.”

Nora Voiculet

Director of Events

“I joined FISA to have the chance to give back to the student community through our events, because I believe that it is important to provide once in a lifetime networking and academic opportunities to students studying in this field.”

Thierry Matin

Director of JMIS

“I joined FISA to convey my passion for investments, give back to the finance community, and inform students about the many different opportunities within the field.”

Shania Shinde

First-Year Representative

“I’m excited to be FISA’s First Year Rep this year! Given the current circumstances, I’m hoping to interact and connect with students through all of the amazing online events we’re hosting. ”